Leather Cote Clear Primer by Simply Spray

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Simply Spray Leather Cote Clear Primer is the first step into making your worn-out leather item look new again!  This primer is especially formulated for leather, and prepares your surface to absorb any of the 6 Simply Spray Leather Cote colors currently available.  Simply spray your leather surface with our Clear Primer, and allow it to dry.  Then spray the color of Leather Cote you choose, and you'll have a new color and look to your leather item!

Just like our Leather Cote paints, our Clear Primer is permanent, non-toxic, non-flammable and UV protected formula for use on interior and exterior surfaces.

Remember, this is a two part system to be used with our Leather Cote Spray.

For best results, you'll need one can of primer for every 2-3 cans of colored Leather Cote Spray you order.