Spray it Black (2.5oz Can)

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Favorite black cotton tees and comfy black sweaters have a limited life span when it comes to their color. Simply Spray®, the only non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol fabric paint, introduces Paint It Black fabric spray to bring those faded, worn and dingy black duds back to life. In a matter of seconds with a simple spraying motion, Paint It Black revitalizes and restores rich black color to frequently washed items like t-shirts, yoga pants, leggings, sweats and uniforms.

Paint It Black is a simple, non-toxic answer to the traditional method of dyeing clothes, which involves measuring and mixing dye formula, soaking time and potential laundry nightmares. The paint works with minimal prep time for results that can be seen instantly. It can also be used on a specific area or on black accents, an impossible function of laundry dyes.

Paint It Black stays soft to the touch, a drastic difference from traditional spray paints that harden and stiffen soft fabrics such as cotton, linen or canvas.  The paint can be used on all absorbent materials and will not rub off once dry (suggested 72 hours dry time).  Although the paint is permanent, slight fading may occur after repeated washings but clothing can be re-sprayed back to rich black color instantly.

All Simply Spray fabric paints are non-toxic, non-flammable and emit virtually no fumes. Unlike traditional aerosol spray paints, Simply Spray paints are nitrogen propelled and completely eco-friendly. The water-based paints will not harm the environment when discarded.

The ONLY safe, no odor, non-toxic, non-flammable, Permanent aerosol fabric paint
Safe for the Environment, ECO-FRIENDLY and Made in the USA Rhode Island to be exact.
Non-toxic & non-flammable, Although it is an aerosol, it does not contain ANY harsh ingredients or inhalants! It's secret formula is safe and conforms to ASTM-D 4236
Only use on absorbent materials, make sure your material is absorbent by applying water to a small area and making sure the material absorbs the water.
Will not crack or peel, dries soft in about 30 minutes and there is no need to heat set it as it sets itself and becomes permanent in about 72 hours.

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